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tv   Viewpoint  Current  March 21, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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michael: i know you're all going to be spending a lot of time watching basketball this weekend. sunday virginia place st. john's in the nit the not invited tournament.
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take a moment now wish a very happy birthday to my friend, chenk uygur, who was introducing jimmy carter in atlanta. that will be on "the young turks." [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> michael: the e.u. banned testing on animals and we're still trying to ban shooting on children. and john boehner thinks everyone should have background checks before buying a gun. and his office issued an immediate retraction. and bp has changed it's environmental record on wikipedia. it's shocking that something like this could happen on a website, but why do polluting
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corporations feel the need to rewrite history when we can do it for them. happy birthday to cenk uygur and jimmy carter boycott the olympics because of invasion of afghanistan. it was called the some day this will be ironic act of 1980. this is "viewpoint." [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> john: good evening, i'm fug fug. this is "viewpoint." back when chicago mayor rahm emanuel was president president obama's chief of staff he told reporters, you never want a serious crisis to go to waste. in nearly two weeks since 16 of-year-old kimani gray has shot to death by prison in brooklyn's
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east flatbush neighborhood a lot of people have been acting on that advice. i political twists battling police violence have been set up on facebook page to organize protest marchs and vigils demanding justice and meanwhile many people who live in east flatbush think activists were outside the neighborhood are making a bad situation even worse by inciting protests that have turned violent and led to arrests. city council jumaan williams who reports east flatbush tweeted after one protest. please stay the hell out of our community it will only agitate our kids. it's dangerous and counterproductive be responsible or stay away. meanwhile some of the facts of the case. police pocketed two young men. they spotted one young man to adjust his waistband in what they considered a suspicious manner. their words. the suspect broke from group as
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police approached. the police told the suspect to show his hands. the suspect then pointed a pistol at the police. the officers repeatedly told him to freeze. the officers then fired 11 times hitting suspect kinani gray four times. kimani gray died that night. but a witness said the police did not identify themselves as police wearing badges, that gray didn't have anything this his hands, and after gray went down on the sidewalk the officer stood over him and continued to shoot and after she screamed why so much, the second officer threaten to shoot her. you a 2009 audio tape of the police union delegate recorded by a nypd officer is said to show how the union cooperates
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with the department by setting quotas for summons and arrests. here's what that delegate said. >> i spoke to the co for about an hour and a half. 20 and 1 is what the union is backing up i spoke to trustees. >> john: for more on the story i'm joined by three superb journalists, ryan devereaux and nick pinto and erroll lewis. good evening gentlemen, it's a pleasure to have you here for a very sad sorry. what did the nypd say, and what did the people who knew him say
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about this 16-year-old man. >> what the nypd and their supporters say this is a young man who had sort of a past, who showed up in some facebook or other videos as a member of the blood gang. they portray him as someone who was on the wrong side of the law, had four sealed arrests that sort of thing. and without anybody knowing the particulars of it, and then the sequence of vents that they used that you recited took place. while it might an tragedy he's not somebody who deserves a lot of sympathy, he's not someone who deserves a movement springing up around him. this is really kind of what the core dispute is about. as far as the facts of this case and then it spins out into a larger subject of police tactics and police community relations. >> john: ryan what is east flatbush like. my father comes from the neighborhood. but people may not have an idea
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of the community. what is this community like for people who have no idea what the community is like. >> it was a community that was deeply saddened by the death of a teenage boy kimani gray by every account that i heard. he was well-known in the neighborhood. he liked to play basketball. he was a funny kid. you know, people are genuinely upset about what they saw or what happened, and there's a lot of mistrust about the police department's narrative in this situation. people are very skeptical about the claim that he had a gun or even if he had a gun that he would point it at police. friends of his that i spoke to said even if he did, he was smart enough to realize that pointing a gun at police wouldn't be a wise thing to do.
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>> john: and these were not uniformed police officers, and according to witnesses they never showed a badge or identified themselves as cops. >> there were no badges displayed, and according to his friends the plains clothes cops in the neighborhood are well-known by the kids in the neighborhood. so there is antagonistic relationship that develop between the plain clothes officers that patrol the area and the kids. it's not like they're strangers to each other. >> john: what happened in the days following the killing of k this young man and how was the community involved? was it the community that began to protests or outsiders coming in? >> i think what you saw was the first reaction that really gathered any attention happened monday night when sort of a
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remembrance of kimani gray turned into a march towards the precinct. from that march a group of about 60 teenagers mostly spun off and ran wild, ran--turned over a fruit cart. >> john: a raid? >> right. and knocked a man on a bottle. it was all captured on a surveillance camera. around that time you see tweets going out using the hashtag brooklyn riots which started to circulate pretty widely in lots of social network circles and activist circles. for those who were already upset about police violence and stop and frisk, this became very compelling. in subsequent evenings you see
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people from different quarters coming in to the neighborhood as a show of solidarity and also because this was sort of a flash point that they could attach their concerns to. >> john: that's the interesting part of it. i would like to unpack that sentence a little bit. you said it very diplomatic, but we're seeing all kinds of activists coming in the wake of thisdown man's death. we're talking about occupy folks and who else are we talking about that's coming in? >> there are all sorts of different peoples. there are activists who have been doing work around stop and frisk and police violence issues elsewhere in the city, on a citywide basis many who work in neighborhoods where there is an issue. you also have occupy people. you have anarchists who are are
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talking about the police. he have communist groups. >> john: right. >> so there is this, you know-- >> john: and it's worth mentioning whenever you go to a protest in new york you see these folks show up, as is their rights. the communists will occupy on any day. what do we know about the officers who shot the young man? >> not very much but they've had a number of cases against them that resulted in settlements to people who said they were treated wrongly or inproperly jailed improperly stopped improperly frisked. you know, the law department, the city basically says, which is true, because the city settled it doesn't necessarily prove that something wrong happened. on the other hand, there are 35,000 cops and most of them don't have that kind of cloud or that coined of record. people are looking at this and saying this is evidence that there is a larger problem. that's where everything squares off. there are those who are saying
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perfect evidence of larger, systemic problem and there are those who are saying, look, this is a particular kid in a particular situation in in a particular neighborhood, a neighborhood, by the way which lax local leadership. when you have got local leadership, and i don't want to be shrimp anybody but that's when you get kids running wild through a drugstore doing something unwise and the young people did in the first days of all the demonstration. by the way local leadership would also say to the rcp or anybody else this is the agenda. these are the talking points. get off to the side or you know, take your picture, but you're% not going to control what we're
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here to do. >> john: we don't cover that many new york stories on the show but myself and my staff want to explore this. one because of the concerns around the country and two shine a light on the stop and frisk and how new yorkers feel about it, and three entry wounds in his back. i get the feeling we're going to see this go on for a while. do you think we're going to have a long hot summer of controversy over the shooting of mr. gray. >> i think it's highly likely we'll see a long, hot summer of controversy with this landmark trial stop and frisk challenges, the nypd very controversial practice of stopping and frisking predominantly young men of color i think there is a well of frustration in a lot of these neighborhoods. as i was out reporting there was something that i heard over an over again. this could have been me. this could have been my brother. this could have been my son. there is this feeling that at
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any moment that people feel that gray was innocent. that he didn't point a gun at the police. whether that is true or not there is a feeling that you can be an innocent young man of color, be harassed or killed by the police. that feeling, it's a problem that should be addressed. i think we're going to see a summer of a lot of continued frustration with the police. >> john: it's hardly a local issue, and this makes life a lot more difficult for the nypd officers and their dealings with the community. i which we had more time to talk about it. i think it's worth pointing out there are no fingerprints yet found on this gun. there are no reports that have and we hope that you'll come back as this story unfolds. ryan devereaux, and nick pinto and erroll louis. you're all heroes to new york. thank you for your contribution to this tragic story.
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it turns out that europe is treating animals better than america. that's ahead. world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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his ability, is trying to look out for us. >> john: it's time for thing of the day. and tonight it's etch-a-sketch anniversary day. one year ago mitt romney's communication director accidently gave the candidate a new nickname. it was on cnn during the g.o.p. primaries and they were answering a question from a non-qualified journalist who apparently snuck into the cnn studio without permission. >> is there a concern that the pressure from the santorum gingrich might force the governor to tack so far to the right that it would hurt him for moderate voters in the general election. >> well, i think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign. everything changes. it's almost like an etch-a-sketch, you can kind of
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shake it up and we start all over again. >> to this day that i'm asked to sign etch-a-sketches. i wish i could say i caused mitt romney's defeat. but after the 47% video credit for mitt romney's failure goes to one person, mitt romney. the cost of looking good will no longer be exacted on welfare of animals in europe. cosmetic products including toiletries that are tested on animals have been banned by the e.u. since 2004 but now any cosmetic product that possesses an ingredient tested on animals will also be subject to a ban. now cosmetic companies lobbied hard against the ban claiming that alternative testing has not been perfected to guarantee consumer safety, to say nothing for the safety of the animals experimented on to make sure that lipstick doesn't smudge. we're please to welcome
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pascaline clerc. this e.u. ban in 2004 they are now expanding it. what impact will this have on the new ban. >> the e.u. implemented a new ban which means that any cosmetic company that wants to enter the european market will not be allowed to test their new products on animals. so it has really big consequences on all the international companies because even for us here in the united states any american cosmetic companies that want to enter the european market will not be able to test their new products on animals. so it's a big move for the european union and also will have a lot of impacts and the international landscape of the international--all the international cosmetic
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companies. >> john: well, just to clarify. products that are already on the market will still be allowed to sold in europe. this applies to new products coming out. >> exactly, only new products. >> john: how pervasive is animal testing in the industry, and how detrimental is it? >> this day and age it's totally unnecessary to conduct animal testing. i will talk about the united states because that's where the humane society is leading the campaign. the food drug administration is not requiring animal testing to prove safety of cosmetics. here it's totally unnecessary. but mainly all the cosmetic companies are still conducting this type of testing. we see a lot of other smaller companies that are emerging that are cruelty free and they're certified by a group that we basically send our consumers two
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called the lipping bunny. but to go back to the animal testing issue, it's really--those type of techniques are extremely cruel. so they will shave the skinning of rabbits and apply chemicals on the shaved kin. she will drip these chemicals in their eye and look for signs of corrosion and sensitivity. they will force guinea pigs or rabbit swallow large amounts of chemical to see if it has any result or impact on their health. and produce any type of diseases like cancer. so it's not--these animals are going undergoing extremely cruel and it's suffering through this type of experiment. when you know that this type of practices are not necessary you know, we need to have a stand in this issue and make sure that
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people understand that. >> john: well to the cosmetic industry, they say there is no alternative testing to guarantee the safety of their products. is there any truth to their claim? >> yes, there are alternatives that exist and that have been approveed so there are legitimate alternatives. computer model will predict toxicity of some of these chemicals. artificial human skin that can be used to test the sensitive--the effects of chemicals on the sensitivity of skin. but there are thousands of ingredients that have been proven to be safe in the fast that companies can choose from to produce their cosmetics. >> john: exactly. >> there is really no excuses for them to keep working and using this type of practices. >> john: before we go how is a
5:25 pm
consumer to know if the products they're using in their cosmetics or toiletries are tested on animals. >> the lipping bunny list has companies that they're not testing any of their ingredients or finished products and they're not selling in china, which is a country that requires testing. if you want to enter the chinese government thecountry, the chinese government will ask. if they have doubts call the consumer service of the company and just ask if they're testing their ingredients or finished products in china. >> john: really quickly can i ask a personal question. are the cosmetics you're wearing animal cruelty free. >> they are. >> john: they look great. senior director of policy and
5:26 pm
advocacy for the humane society of the usa. pascaline clec thank you for your service to this cause. >> thank you very much. >> john: five of the biggest lies about entitlements. they think this world isn't big enough
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for the both of them. but we assure you - it is. bites. little greatness.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: wtf vermont week concludes that tomorrow vermont state police will be participating in a 24 hour tweet tweet-a-thon because nothing makes me feel safer with the knowledge that they're posting photos of cats sleeping in laundry baskets. they're highlighting the use of tweet by law enforcement. his use the twitter will give
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vermonters the glimpse of activity during the typical day of the daily shift of a trooper. there is a horrible murder happening. vermont officials hope this event will help the acceptance of law enforcement agencies. if i'm hit by a 2 x 4 i hope someone there from the basketball safety agency will film it. vermont we love you. you produce maple syrup, ben & jerry's. we don't think of you in terms of social media although i'm going to be performing in vermont. look at my twitter page about that fabulous show. i'll be right back. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything.
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i don't over the weekend house speaker john boehner broke down and admitted we do have an immediate debt crisis in this country. scare talking about the debt is a lie. and they've been pushing to trim so-called entitlements to serve this law although i like to call them earned benefits. lice that are whoopers written about in the los angeles time here is "l.a. times" columnist michael, thank you for joining us. what you would like to do is go through the lies that you listed in the entitlement programs and have you debunk them one by one. the first lie the payroll tax hike is killing the retail economy. that is false there? >> well, there are a couple of things false there. first of all there is no
5:35 pm
payroll tax hike. what happened on january first was that the payroll tax rate was restored to what it was two or three years ago. let's not forget what we're bound to forget at one point or another that we reduced the payroll tax on employees by 2 percentage points as a way of producing relief in these economic hard times for americans. so it was really an economic relief program not a cut in social security tax. and i think what is it really at work here is that critics of social security are the enemies of social security want to paint the program as though it's too expensive for america to sustain. that's really--that is really a lie because in fact social security benefits in this country are far--they're paul trypaltrycompared to what other countries
5:36 pm
have. >> cenk: that leads to lie number two entitlement benefits for millionaires and billionaires is a huge problem. >> the underlying motive of this lie is to turn social security and medicare into mean sets of program. you turn what should be an universal benefit for all americans into a welfare program. when you do that, you lose popular support. the first thing that goes when there is a budget crisis at any level of government is that relief programs, welfare programs they get cut. that's what is at work here. the sub lies in all this was the warren buffets the bill gates of this world yes they do collect social security or they will when they're 65 or 66, but there are not a lot of them that are a real burden on the program. there are not a lot of millionaires and billionaires collecting. even those who are only getting
5:37 pm
up to the maximum benefit which is $30,000 a year. i made the calculation that if you put everybody who earns more than $1 million and calculated their social security benefits, it comes to about 14/100 of a percent of money laid out in benefits by social security. if you really want a means test this program so you save money or you cut its expenses you have to means test it all the way down to people who are earning $30,000 and $40,000 a year. these are not billionaires or millions narrows. this is subterfuge designed to make social security look unfair and it should only be for the poor. that's not what the program is. that's not the way it was designed. it's not what it's drafters thought it would. >> john: that leads you to your third lie which i read on twitter and it's quickly refuted. that social security and medicare are 60 trillion-dollar in the hole.
5:38 pm
>> what that number is, that's the estimate of what the possible deficits of these programs might be projected out to the infinite future. it's known as the infinite horizon projection. it doesn't tell us anything about the current fiscal status of these programs. it's just designed to create a big scary number as it does. 60 trillion-dollar, sometimes you hear the number 200 trillion-dollar. that's nonsense. real actuaries hate this sort of number because they say it's only there to basically mislead the public, and to scare people into making changes in these programs that they don't need, and that aren't necessary. >> john: indeed. i know we're short on time but i want to get to your fourth lie which i thought was one we hear all the time that you're paying way too much for your benefits or maybe you're paying too little? >> yes this is an in the
5:39 pm
misrepresentation. they are social programs. some putting more in to them will get more out of them. some won't get much out of them, what they paid in taxes. what makes the programs valuable at the middle of your career or midpoint of your career you don't know what category you're going to fall into. you don't know that you're not going to get disabled. you don't know that you're not going to live to 110 or what have you. that's what makes them fair. taking an average does not tell us all that we need to know about how valuable these programs are to the average american. >> john: i want you at every debate i have with my friends and family. lie number five, that medicare and social security have the same fiscal crisis. how do you refute that in ten seconds? >> this is a real red flag.
5:40 pm
these programs are very different. social security is in the surplus. it's not going bankrupt. it may or may not have a fiscal problem in 20 years. medicare is very different. it does have a fiscal problem but it's not because of the structure of the program. it's because of over all healthcare costs in this country. if you want to his medicare, you have to take aim at healthcare costs. it's simply not the same as any problems that are facing social security. when you put them together you're really misleading the public. >> john: now you make me want to talk about single payer. i love the way you refuted all of these talking points. michael hiltzik of the "l.a. times." thank you for writing this article for "the l.a. times." >> my pleasure. >> john: congress finally did something about gun control yesterday. they loosened it. you didn't know that? my panel of non-experts join me to talk about it next. for true stories. with award winning documentaries
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>> john: welcome back to "viewpoint." we asked you on social media if you thought president obama's speech in israel did anything at all for the peace process. freedom prosperity increased respect for the u.s. worldwide wait, none of that happened. well, thank you for your sarcastic and maybe accurate tweet. don't worry these mideast conferences have a way of working their way out really quick. and if you have a comment for the show, tweet us at "viewpoint" ctv or post it on our facebook page. now here's the good news. congress worked together and passed something this week. after a vote in the senate and the house this morning. congress passed a continuing resolution that will keep the government up and running
5:45 pm
through september. and now the bad news, and it's bad. it's going to make you never want to vote again. part of the bill includes making permanent gun rights protection. that's right, the first legislation to pass since the tragedy at newtown and it further weakens gun troll. they include one that prohibits the bureau of alcohol, tobacco firearms and explosive from requiring gun dealers from conducting annual inventories to make sure that they haven't lost or had any guns stolen. they don't have to do that now. they can just walk away. another retains a broad definition of antique guns that can be imported into the united states. not quite so eye agree shoes and the third prevents the atf from refusing to renew the dealer's license for lack of business. and final provision would require the atf to attach a disclaim for data about guns to indicate that it, quote can't
5:46 pm
be used to draw broad conclusions about firearms-related crimes." way to go to the two-party system in congress. just two more mass shootings and we won't have gun control at all. please welcome back to the show correcter and cowriter of "broad comedy" katie goodman. and from tina dupuy, and tv's frank, frank frank. this is so depressing that i had to invite three funny people to get through it. i don't know where to begin with this. i'm going to put all these questions out. even with the media attention the senate hearings, the pollings, how did this happen? that congress makes permanent provisions that will weaken gun control? >> because they're serving their masters, the gun manufacturers represented by the nra. most of the americans don't want these things happening. most americans have a common
5:47 pm
sense attitude about gun control. >> most nra members do. >> none of it gets done because of the few people who control the nra who control congress, they paid for this law. they're getting what they paid for. >> john: tina, the nra is not controlled by its members. it ignores what it's members want, and the congress, they do what they want. >> they're controlled by arms dealers. if they have no laws surrounding guns, we have no illegal guns. they will have no illegal guns on the streets any more because they got rid of all the laws. but the worse part about this is not taking inventory. the dc sniper, the gun seller in this--this is the last gun seller to be sued because congress made sure that they would never be able to have any kind of civil lawsuits ever again, the dc sniper shoplifted his bush master.
5:48 pm
if they had a bush master in the show where someone who was a criminal could just pick it up and walk out of the store. people who can't pass background checks, who can't do these things, they can easily go in there, and there have been tons of cases where the gun seller turns their back, and suddenly the guns are gone. that's exactly what this is targeting. >> two crimes, gun violence and shoplifting. >> that's right. they're not civilly liable and the atf has no case whatsoever. >> i was going to say i don't think it's surprising besides the fact that congress passed this. these are people voted in by people like--remember that story a week or two ago where there was that town that wanted to make it mandatory to have a gun. those are the people who voted for them. >> john: exactly. >> i love how when it comes to guns their attitude is we need to make things more lenient. >> john: you know why the american people don't know about this? no one in the democratic party
5:49 pm
i mean no one, has put up a fight or used the bully pulpit their office has given them to inform us. they've kicked the can down the road and weakened gun control laws. harry reid, i've never seen a man more afraid of a fight. there is a ban on any federal rule requiring gun dealers to conduct physical inventory checks. isn't this common sense? if you're trying to prevent guns from falling into the hands of bad people that you want to keep track of the guns? >> what you're say something that they're making lots of money. >> i hated doing inventory when i worked in a store. if i didn't have to deal with that, i envy that. >> john: exactly. the egregious thing to me as i mentioned earlier, i was joking about it. you own a gun store and you operate for ten years and you never actually sell guns but you still turn a profit and you're paying your employees and you're doing fine. this is a job for the government
5:50 pm
not to do anything. >> that's exactly it. if you have the--if you have no laws in the atf doesn't have any staff, which is another issue they have not had a head of department to in seven years. they're a department an agency in name only, and they're completely impotent, and civilly they are completely in the clear. gun manufacturers and gun sellers. yes, it's the golden age of arm dealing. >> john: this means in the future the next time there is a massacre with an illegal gun congress,al y'all own it. >> we'll never have illegal guns any more. >> john: they're all legal. i don't want to hear about how the bad guys get illegal guns. >> if newtown didn't change things, what will? >> john: the next ten nutans and i'm sorry i have to say this. the news broke that the senate would not be voting on the assault weapons ban. we covered this thoroughly and tore harry reid a new one.
5:51 pm
it's clear that universal background checks are hitting roadblocks which makes this john boehner comment all the more interesting. >> do you think improving background checks be part of that. >> they should do real background checks on everyone. >> john: you heard him say it. that was on the show "the lead." staffboehner staff clarified that it's not actually done. >> they always let me sorry. >> john: it's my show, frank. >> i'll start with you frank do you think the speaker forgot for a moment that he was supposed to stick to the party line and give the correct and rational answer? >> i think it's great when a republican says something that it has common sense in it, his issue has to immediately issue a retraction. >> john: but all the real bad guys, all of us, the bad guys are asleep at the wheel
5:52 pm
watching "honey boo boo," and drinking honey honeydew. we're not keeping track of congress. >> they're not representing us and we ignore them. and there is truth to that. >> this reminds me like when you go to a wedding and the man is drunk, he starts talking about how hot the bride is, and everyone is in a stuffer. we all agree but then, they said that. >> i can totally picture boehner being like that. >> he's that guy in congress. >> john: another provision of the atf that prohibits the atf of refusing gun dealer license which makes it easier to dealings involvement in illegitimate transactions. who could this help but those who are doing something wrong or illegal? >> right, it makes it easier to sell a gun. that's the whole thing. it's not to own a gun. it's to sell a gun. >> john: congress made crime
5:53 pm
legal. >> it is therefore not a crime. they solved a crime by not making things criminal any longer. >> john: is there good news to any of this? i don't want to vote again. >> if we're so depressed we want to kill ourselves guns are readily available. >> the big picture of this, i don't actually think this is true the whole amendment they want to say we want to be prepared so that when the crazy--when the government gone wild happens but they got tanks. in 30 years we're going to be looking at drones. >> john: yes, i need my bush master when they come in with their tanks, drones and weaponnized anthrax. and by the way, barack obama it's on you. you can sign it or put up a fight. my panel sticks with me as we go to the dark side of my own twitter account. you don't want to miss it. thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's
5:54 pm
what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything.
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>> john: welcome back. i'm shaking the anger off from that gun story and i'm happy the bunnies are not going to have lip gloss tested on them any more. what is the strangest tweet--you're all comedians. tina, you were, now you're a political writer and editor. what is the strangest tweet you guys have ever received? katie goodman? >> i got a tweet at me that said you're going to be arrested for that but it wasn't in reply to anything so i had scroll back to see which thing it could possibly be. >> john: did you ever find out. >> no, please tweet me again. >> john: wow, i know what you did last tweet cycle. tina? >> the weirdest tweet that i ever seen and it may be the
5:58 pm
weirdest tweet that ever has been when anthony wiener pocket tweeted. >> john: you? >> no, just the whole internet. >> john: he did it again? poor guy. old habits diehard. frank conniff? >> the strangest i got was show us your boobs, and i ended up having a block. >> i sent that. >> john: i loathe talking about my own tweets but today's f bomb is different. it's about statistics and facts and they're not always the same and it's about the power of social media and twitter and how it may be making the world a better place despite all the twitter patrols trolls who have not mastered the your-you're thing. we talked about the steubenville rape trial in a society where men still don't take the crime of rape seriously.
5:59 pm
during the interfere interview there was a shocking statistic. >> 30% of rapist go to jail. >> john: many rapes are not reported so many are but so few rapists go to jail. there is a likely reason why women who have been attacked don't go to authorities. i posted a tweet on twitter and we got a reply from people who have time warner cable and miss being able to watch our show. and then came this response. from a fellow who goes by web he weave we're obscuring him out of courtesy. 100% rapist gas to jail. you're not officially a rapist until you're convicted. if there is no conviction it's


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